Company introduction

Sarvestan Khorak Company (Private Held Co) was established in 2006 and was registered as a private joint stock company with number 914 and national ID 10103018422 and was put into operation in 2008. The products of this company under the brand "Behin”, are being produced and sold all over Iran.

The subject of the company is the construction, revitalization, modernization and management of sugar factories, production and sale of its products and purchase of machinery and tools and supplies needed from abroad or inside the country, packaging and sale of sugar, tea, Cereals, rice and participation in companies and projects and units of production and industry, trade, authorized services, as well as undertaking any authorized commercial operations, as well as buying and selling authorized goods and buying and selling stocks inside and outside the country for the company.

- company board members :

During the Annual General Meeting dated 04/02/2017, the composition of the members of the Board was changed as follows:

جدول 1

Company employees:

In fiscal year 2020, the company increased its manpower in order to improve methods and apply internal controls, as well as to increase proper production.

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Respect for consumer rights

According to the evaluation of Tehran Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, in accordance with the provisions of the above-mentioned regulations and based on the approval of the Technical Committee, Sarvestan Khorak Company has been selected as one of the 68 selected companies in Tehran Province in support of consumer rights. Sarvestan Khorak has succeeded in receiving the provincial certificate and the plate for observing consumer rights from the Tehran Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization.


At present, sugar is the only production of this factory during these years, in other words, the sale of sugar with Behin brand has found it's special place in the market during these years, and due to the high quality of the product, Behin sugar is one of the best-selling sugars in Tehran province And even in the country. Sugar customers from all over the world comes to the company's sales department to buy sugar.