Sarvestan Sugar Factory

    Sarvestan Sugar Factory, by obtaining all national and international standards and using specialized manpower and using up-to-date technology and construction of new and up-to-date centrifuges in production lines, now has the highest product quality at the level of sugar factories in the country. At present, the products of this Sugar Factory are sent to neighboring provinces and all over Iran due to their compliance with international standards and their very desirable quality.

    کارخانه قندوشکر سروستان

    cube sugar production

    Sugar is a type of sucrose and is made up of three elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This sweetener is produced by extracting plants such as beets and sugarcane, in two ways: crystallization and press molding. By consuming this nutrient, the body's energy and temperature increase, thus preventing the body from dropping pressure and causing fatigue during the day. The Alpine Sugar Production Line automatically generates the required sugar by pressing. The operation of the sugar production machine is completely automatic, so in a short period of time, the extract takes a large volume of beets and sugarcane.

    • Also, due to the mechanized process of sugar production, the need for manpower is less than before, and as a result, reduces the current cost.

    sugar production

    Sugar is an edible substance with the chemical formula C12-H22-O11 and is commonly referred to as all sweetener. Sugar contains glucose, fructose and galactose, which are found in many plants, fruits, and dairy products.

    The sugar in sugarcane and sugar beet, after separating all the minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes and other useful nutrients, is refined in the factory and converted into pure sucrose.

    • About 80% of the sugar produced in the world comes from sugarcane and the rest from sugar beet.

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